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"AgenaTrader will change the retail trading..."
The software was sketched under market-technical ideas given by MICHAEL VOIGT.

"This software gives extremely pleasure and rescues addiction potential..."
RÜDIGER BORN contributed important inputs for usebility and ergonomics of the software.

"Labour saving is only one of the prominent signs of AgenaTrader..."
CARSTEN UMLAND were an important counsellor in the development stage.

"Applied market technology in perfection, long in request and nowhere found - what a great software"
MARKUS GABEL - A super user and Agena freak of the first hour.

Standard for the future

Composite of intelligence and efficiency

Charting and trading tools, there are many - this is conscious to us. But do you know any software that will actively support you in trading?

  • Automated risk/money management
  • Automated order size calculation
  • Strategy/Setup management
  • Automated trade management 
  • Diversified trading support (100 trades in parallel)
  • Integrated trading diary

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Trade 'State of the Art'

Listen to the whispering of the charts

You know the dream to trade professionally, supported by a professional software?
With AgenaTrader this is going to be a reality.

The strategies you always wanted to trade already are programmed  with a few clicks via drag and drop in the ConditionEscort and SetupEscort ... without programming knowledge.

AgenaTrader proposes the selected signals and setups in the real time scanner.

You and the market decides - AgenaTrader is your Escort and manages your trades.

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Trader package on Air

'Market technique' in its completion


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The new style of trading...

Explore the huge advantages of this Trading software. Test and discover the fun factor of AgenaTrader and its AgenaTrader++ components:
Centaurus, Andromeda, Galaxy and Universe.

We extend our team

After a very successful lauch of AgenaTrader in the german speaking countries, we now want to enter international soil. That's why we are looking for new team members in the area of Vienna.

Become a part of AgenaTrader and join our team. We are focusing on big goals and we are looking for young, dynamic and highly motivated co-workers. Read more...

From traders for traders

The software was sketched, developed and tested in close collaboration with Michael Voigt, Carsten Umland, Rüdiger Born, Markus Gabel and some other famous traders, for the needs and demands from the point of view of professional traders. According to the motto: "Do not interpret, but search."

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exchange transactions are associated with significant risks. Those who trades on the financial and commodity markets, needs to make themselve familiar with the risks. Possible shown analyzes, techniques and methods are not an invitation to trade on the financial and commodity markets. These are for illustrative purposes, further education and information purposes and do not constitute any investment advice or a personal recommendation. They are only intended to facilitate investment decision of the customer and do not replace an investor advice or the investment specific advice. The customer is nevertheless at your own risk and at your own risk. Please refer to the current version of the Terms and conditions.